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Meridian Forest Services Limited has an experienced team of Registered Professionals who develop and manage post-harvest silviculture activities to help our clients meet their reforestation obligations of conserving and improving a sustainable forest for future generations.

Operationally, our silviculture team conducts pre-harvest ecological assessments of harvest areas, manages seedling procurement and supervises planting programs. We monitor seedling growth and intervene to address competing vegetation by prescribing brushing strategies to assist seedling growth.

Meridian also manages post-harvest waste/residue and prescribes windthrow management strategies to protect forest landscape features. Our team is also S100 certified to provide fire suppression support and expertise to protect our forest resources.

Meridian offers a wide array of Silviculture services which include:

  • Ecology Surveys
  • Block and Road Site Plan Development
  • Forest Health Surveys (Root Rot Assessments)
  • Planting Program Management (Supervision, Surveys and Seed-lot Procurement)
  • Silviculture Surveys (Survival, Regeneration and Free Growing)
  • Stand Tending (Brushing, Spacing and Pruning)
  • Fire Management Plans
  • Slash Pile Burning
  • Growth and Yield Plot Establishment/Measurement
  • Windthrow Salvage and Treatment Plans (Pruning and Topping)
  • Fire Suppression